Upland Dog Training in the Pacific Northwest

Embark on a journey of companionship and skill-building with Side by Side Upland Dog Training in the Willamette Valley. Our experienced trainer is dedicated to fostering a strong bond between you and your canine companion while honing their upland hunting skills.

Bingo pointing

Training Curriculum

  • General Obedience: Going with you, coming to you, and standing still.
  • Prey Drive: Enhancing the dog’s desire to pursue the bird.
  • Bird Manners: Daily quality repetition to develop a great nose, a staunch point, a reliable steadiness to flush and the report of the gun.

What is provided? What do you bring?

We have all of the equipment needed to train your dog. You need to bring your dog, travel kennel, water, and bowl.

We have Smith leather collars for sale. If you wish to provide your own, please ensure the collar is made of leather or solid plastic that has a good sized D ring. 

Experienced Certified Instructor

You and your dog will be coached by a Hunt-Smith Silent-Command certified bird-dog trainer.


Struggling to Train your Hunting Dog?

Are these your worries?

  • How will my dog be treated?
  • Does the trainer have a reliable program?
  • Can I be in attendance so I can learn how to manage my dog?

Look no further than Side by Side Upland Dog Training. We will guide your dog through quality daily repetition of the necessary skills to be a great hunter. And coach you to be an effective manager of your hunting partner.

Dogs playing with trainer in orange hunting vest

Smith Kennels Foundation Seminar


Smith Kennels

Summer Seminar in Salem, Oregon

July 13th, 2024, 8am – 4pm
July 14th, 2024, 8am – 4pm

5725 Paulanna Ln SE
Salem, OR 97317

Details: Our seminars were created to help bird dog owners more fully understand their dogs and provide owners a complete and proven training system to rely on. A keystone of our training format rests in increasing each dog’s Confidence, Compliance, and Composure through intentional interaction and experiences. Each training lesson is laid out in an easy to follow format and tailored to each dog’s mindset and individual needs.

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Three 20-Day Phases

A hunting dog with a trainer out in the grass field

Foundation Training

Enhances prey drive, obedience, agility, and bird finding skills
Two dogs hunting with both of their tails up

Intermediate Training

Continue to improve pointing, honoring, and obedience skills in dogs

Two dogs hunting with both of their tails up

Advanced Training

Reinforce learned behaviors, and expose dogs to diverse hunting situations

Your Dog is in the Right Hands.

With our certified instructor, your dog will receive training based on a tried-and-true managing system.

When it comes to bird hunting, your canine partner deserves quality training, and Side by Side Upland ensures they’re in the right hands. We understand the unparalleled bond between a hunter and their dog, and that’s why our tailored training programs focus on strengthening this connection.

Dogs and their owners at an Alumni Event for Side by Side Upland Alumni

Words of Recommendation

Dave was a joy to work with. I had no experience with bird hunting, much less bird dog training, yet his training regimen prepared both me and my dog for the upcoming season, allowing me to hunt independently with success as soon as we completed the program.

He was consistent and flexible with my dogs needs and temperament while providing a gradual, proven training method to prepare my dog for hunting both alone as well as with others. My busy schedule at home/work didn’t allow for much in-home training yet his regimen alone fully prepared us for the first season.

During the first season, my dog needed almost no correction as Dave had trained her so well, it went exactly as I imagined hunting over a pointer would be: effortless, fun adventure, finding birds and knocking them down. The team work, obedience, and bird manners were amazing and I owe all of it to Dave’s great program and training. He is a top-notch professional.


I’ve been working with Dave for the past two seasons with my two English pointers. The overall experience and outcome has been fantastic. I’ve learned so much working with Dave and I love his approach to both training and teaching (dogs and humans!). What has made the experience with Side by Side Upland Dog Training truly special is both Dave and Shelia are amazing human beings.

Having tried the “traditional” approach of handing your dog to a pro trainer for 2-3 months I can say without hesitation that Dave’s approach of working with you every step of the way is far superior. While my dogs are still young and developing they both handle better than any dogs I’ve had in my 30+ years of upland hunting and are very well mannered at home. Both dogs have now had success finding wild chukar, huns, sharptails, blue grouse, pheasant and three species of quail.

Thank you Side by Side Upland Dog Training!

Mark V.

Image of a spotted dog

Connect with your Canine In a Way You Never Have Before

Ready to join us? We’re excited to work with you!

A hunting dog outside on the grass
A hunting dog, pointing
Image of a spotted dog
A hunting dog outside on the grass
A hunting dog, pointing

Connect with your Canine In a Way You Never Have Before

Ready to join us? We’re excited to work with you!