Get Started

We want you to be informed about our training process, expectations, and services offered.

Location: Salem, Oregon

Servicing: Dog Owners in the Oregon Willamette Valley

What: Upland Bird Dog Training

Who: Pointing and Flushing breeds

First Meeting: A 15-minute evaluation session & 60-minute program explanation. No Charge.

Some Key Points:


  • A flexible training schedule
  • Your dog stays home with you and attends daily training sessions.
  • You may attend all training sessions.
  • Four training levels; Puppy Development, Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Prey drive/bird contact and socialization will determine starting level.
  • It is best to train as many days per week as your dog can handle.
  • Your dog will be on birds every day. It takes bird contact to make a bird dog.